Remember This Day Forever

On September 11, 2022 by Alexis E. Abbott, Correspondent

Remember 9/11

my father said to me

six years old sitting in the 

Land of the Free.

“Remember this moment

because this moment will live long.”

So, I took a snapshot picture

of the buildings who stood high and on

fire as they burned and people jumped.

While the country held their breaths

and as adrenaline pumped

through the veins of The People

who were American and Free

watching as the buildings crumbled 

into a dry and dusty sea.

The nation came together that day

instead of falling apart.

United in spite of terror and flaming hot sparks.

People helping people

sort through the mess

of 2,977 people who were lost

and to 343 of those being firefighter deaths.

Those brave firefighters were rushing into an unimaginable scene.

9/11 lives on in the memories of those old, young, and keen.

So, take time today to stop

and remember the buildings that once stood.

Remember the thousands of people doing what they should.

Remember as the nation stood hand in hand.

Remember that it made America a stronger land.

Remember 9/11.

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